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You may have heard by now, but just in case you have not…  Beware of your flower seeds this year.  Apparently, Target has some for sale that has ground up peanuts inside!  For more of the story, visit The Nut-Free Mom’s Blog.



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Peanut Allergies and Reactions to Lupin

My friend Paul from Food Allergy Angel sent me an email linking to a story on Science Daily that reports a caution to people with peanut allergy.  Lupin is in the legume family the same as peanuts.  Apparently there have been cases of people with peanut allergy that have reacted to foods with the Lupin ingredient. 

I found the article interesting.  When I learn of new things such as this, my first thought is wether for not little R has had the ingredient in question.  I am happy to have the heads up, but at the same time learning of new things that can harm my little precious being causes me a lot of anxiety.  I would love to dismiss this new piece of information, but I know first hand that other foods in the legume family can indeed cause a reaction to my peanut allergic child.  He happens to be allergic to peas for this very reason!

Maybe this will help some of you with a mystery reaction or two.  I would love to know if anyone else has heard of the Lupin news.

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GMOs In Our Food Supply

Robyn O’Brien was on the CBS nightly news with Katie Couric recently to talk about genetically modified organisms in our food supply.  Most of us have either never heard of GMOs or just don’t understand them.  You can click this link to read the news article, or this link to play the video.

We take for granted that the FDA is keeping us safe.  They claim that foods containing GMOs are safe, but that leads me to ask- Why are GMOs NOT required to be listed on the labels? 

It is our right as U.S. citizens to a freedom of choice, but our freedom in essence is taken away when we are not given all information in regards to a particular situation.  It is as if the government is hiding something.  It is said in the video that the food manufacturers are afraid that if people see the words “genetically modified” on food labels, then they will not purchase the product.  If these foods are safe, why not back up the claim with real information- proof derivied from real studies- for instance. 

Most people have never heard of GMOs.  I would love to hear your opinions on the subject.  You can leave a comment and remain annonymous. 


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What a Nightmare!

     I just read a news story about a middle school student in Lexington, KY.  The student, who has a known allergy to peanut, was harassed by a fellow student when the he put peanut butter cookie crumbs into the victim’s lunchbox.  (You can read the story here.)  I know that huge strides have been made (thanks to all of the moms who are responsible!), but I have to say that when I hear stories like this, I become even more grounded in my decision to home school!

     I am sure, or at least I hope, that the student responsible for the incident performed did so out of pure stupidity and not menace.  Just as soon as I think people are “getting it” about how serious food allergies are, I am brought back to reality-  school is just not safe enough(in my own humble opinion) for my peanut allergy child!  I cannot take that chance.  I love him too dearly to put him in harms way.


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Updated Information From FDA Regarding Food Labeling Law

This article is from the FDA’s website. It lists the specific details in regards to the labeling law in regards to the top eight food allergens and explains what to do if you experience any allergy reactions after eating something that was packaged.

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NPR To Interview Dr. Hugh Sampson

In response to all of the complaints after the interview of Meredith Broussard, NPR(comment #79) has announced that they will interview Dr. Hugh Sampson on January 31 at 12:40pm on the Leonard Lopate Show to offer a balanced perspective on the issue of food allergies. I am sure this time the information will be presented with accurate sources and information, and if there is a link on their website of the interview, I will post it here.


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Unbelievable! (I cannot think of a more appropriate title)

Just the other day, Meredith Broussard, a writer for the magazine Harper’s wrote a story titled, “Everyone’s Gone Nuts About Food Allergies.” She was also given a fifteen minute spotlight on the radio station, NPR(you can listen and read the comments here), while being interviewed about the article.

Broussard’s article, and the mere fifteen minutes she spent trivializing food allergy could potentially cost the lives of children across the globe. You may think this statement sounds exaggerated, but it is the truth. All of us familiar with food allergy/anaphylaxis know first hand how serious and real it really is. We have put a ton of effort into teaching and advocating for our children so they can live a safe life outside of their homes. Unfortunately, there are people out there who read her article or listened to the NPR broadcast, and now have misconstrued information regarding the subject. When a child is having an allergic/anaphylactic reaction, there is NO ROOM FOR ERROR! She has made it sound like parents of food allergic children are exaggerating, when in fact we are not.

As an example of the fact that there are people out there who will feed into her claimed “expertise,” you can read some unbelievable posts on the blog site of The topic is peanut bans in schools. What I found unbelievable was not the fact that there is controversy on the subject, but what some of these people actually had to say! One such quote is, “. . .Be responsible for your own child and keep him/her home and make friends w/ other peanut allergy children so that can be sure to be completely peanut free together.”

Keep in mind, both of these examples happened within the past few months. Talk about being overprotective; I am afraid to put the lives of my dear children in the hands of these kind of callous people.


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