What a Nightmare!

     I just read a news story about a middle school student in Lexington, KY.  The student, who has a known allergy to peanut, was harassed by a fellow student when the he put peanut butter cookie crumbs into the victim’s lunchbox.  (You can read the story here.)  I know that huge strides have been made (thanks to all of the moms who are responsible!), but I have to say that when I hear stories like this, I become even more grounded in my decision to home school!

     I am sure, or at least I hope, that the student responsible for the incident performed did so out of pure stupidity and not menace.  Just as soon as I think people are “getting it” about how serious food allergies are, I am brought back to reality-  school is just not safe enough(in my own humble opinion) for my peanut allergy child!  I cannot take that chance.  I love him too dearly to put him in harms way.



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2 responses to “What a Nightmare!

  1. As the mother of a severely peanut-allergic child, I too was horrified by this story. I understand your concerns, believe me and I support your homeschool decision, but it hurts me that food-allergic families feel that they have no resort other than to keep their kids home.

    I firmly believe that children with food allergies have a place in public schools. They should have safe access to this type of education, if their parents want them to have it. I will keep striving to make this possible.

    This bullying story brings up a good point. Discussing bullying with our children is a great idea. For moms like us, we have to add another element to the discussion and I think it helps our kids to be prepared for anything.

    Thanks for sharing the story!–Jenny

  2. Amy

    Thank you for your understanding and support of my decision to homeschool. In all honesty, I was already considering this option, and the food allergy concern kind of tipped the scale, if you know what I mean.

    I feel like when my son is a little older and can be trusted with his own epi-pen, it will be then that I will consider letting him chose the rest of the education path.

    We have already started on our homeschool journey, and I am finding that we are enjoying it so far. I am amazed at how fast children can learn, especially with the one on one attention.

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