More On Vaccinations

After reading the last article I posted, my thoughts started going more in that direction. I shared the article with a friend who is also on a journey to learn more about the food allergy epidemic, and he responded with this article. It doesn’t talk about food allergies, but it does open up more thought about how our government puts so much effort into the vaccination process. It appears that there is a conflict of interest; politics vs truth. (Yes, I know, that is always the case).

I just wanted to make an effort to shed some light on the issue. I know researchers are working hard to find a cure for food allergies, namely allergies to peanut. I, however, feel that more effort should be made in finding what causes food allergies in the first place. I just don’t think that you can keep covering up mistakes by fixing them. It reminds me so much of a person who is possesed with telling lies. Every new lie is made to cover up the first lie, and eventually the person gets too tangled in their web of lies that there is eventually no hope of overcoming the problem.

I would love more input on this topic. Please share your thoughts with me!


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